VCAL at Marnebek

Foundation VCAL at Marnebek aims to provide students with skills, knowledge and attitudes to make informed choices about their pathways to work and further education. The principles of VCAL include accredited pathways for secondary students, tailored programs to suit students’ interest, personal development and the development of work related and industry specific skills. At Marnebek students will engage in developing knowledge and employability skills to help prepare themselves for life after school in the work force and participation in the broader society. Marnebek students will be involved in tasks to assist the development of knowledge and skills that will assist them to make informed vocational choices and to help them facilitate pathways to further learning and employment. Marnebek will offer elective programs such as Marnebek Kitchen Operations, Marnebek Practical Learning, ATEP, Waverley Industries, SPEC and Senior Sport which will run in conjunction with and compliment the VCAL program operating at the Senior Campus.