Therapy Programs

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy program at Marnebek School is focused on empowering students to develop their independence and skills. The Occupational Therapy program is implemented by an Occupational Therapist; Mellisa Merryweather. We focus on educating students in regards to self care, activities of daily living, fine motor skills, sensory integration and self-regulation. Students are generally seen in a group setting however individualised intervention and support is provided when necessary.

The Occupational Therapy program is designed to work closely with student’s families and teachers to assist them to implement interventions which are both meaningful and functional for the students.

The Occupational Therapist is able to conduct assessments to assist students to obtain equipment and resources which are necessary for them to be able to access the school curriculum. In addition we are able to assist families who are liaising with other services and have funding packages available by providing letters of support so that they are able to utilise the funds as best as possible.

The Occupational Therapy team works closely with the physiotherapy team as well as the speech pathology team to provide the best possible interventions for our students.

Speech Therapy

The Speech Pathology Program at Marnebek School is implemented by our 2 speech pathologists, Meg Tormey and Tani Clarke.

Meg who works in Junior School, Tani who works in middle school, our senior school students work with a SSSO.

They work closely with our students, families, teaching staff and relevant health professionals to develop and deliver therapy programs for students with complex communication needs.

At Marnebek Shool, the functional and interactive aspect of communication is highly valued and encouraged all-day, everyday at school. Our speech and language programs aim to support classroom teachers in establishing and reinforcing language structures in their existing programs, so that students can gain conficence to participate positively throughout the school day.

Speech Pathologist support students with difficulities in the following areas:





Phonological Awareness

Social Skills


In addition, our Speech Pathologist is involved with consulting and supporting teachers and parents to use alternative and augmentative communication (AAC), such as PECS, with students who benefit from the visual support and who struggle to express themselves verbally. In order to support their communications skills outside of home and school, students also get the opportunity to practice their skills in the community ( e.g. library, shops) with our community  access programs.