Therapy Programs

Occupational Therapy

Marnebek School has a team of three Occupational Therapists who work across Junior, Middle and Senior school. Occupational Therapists are qualified Allied Health Professionals who enable students to engage in meaningful activities (occupations) in their daily lives, such as learning, play and functional skills (i.e. toileting, feeding).

At Marnebek, our OT team implement a wide variety of interventions to enable our students to access the curriculum and learn to the best of their ability. To do this, we work collaboratively with the Speech Pathologists, classroom teachers, and families/carers.

Therapy at Marnebek is conducted in the classroom as whole classroom therapy to develop student’s skills that functionally impact on learning, whilst also upskilling classroom staff in therapy interventions. Short term, individualised intervention, can be provided on a referral basis which is decided in conjunction with leading teachers.

Speech Therapy

The Speech Pathologists at Marnebek work closely with students, families, teaching staff and therapy staff in order to meet student’s complex communication needs throughout their schooling.

We support students in the following areas:

  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
  • Play
  • Social skills
  • Language/Literacy
  • Mealtime support

Our classroom based therapy model aims to support classroom teachers in establishing and reinforcing language structures in their existing  programs, so that students can participate positively throughout the school day.

The Speech Pathologists are involved in consulting and supporting staff to use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) with students who benefit from visual supports and who require additional support to express themselves verbally.