Specialist Programs

Physical Education Program

The Physical Education Program caters for students of all ages and abilities. Students can expect to participate in activities designed to:

  • develop and consolidate Fundamental Motor Skills
  • explore spatial awareness, rotation, balance and locomotion
  • improve overall Fitness levels
  • encourage fair play, team work and allow for leadership opportunities
  • teach students the skills and rules associated with different sports and minor games

Some of the features of the program are the Gymnastics Unit, Perceptual Motor Program, Jump Rope for Heart, ‘Rope Rocketeers’, Fitness sessions, ‘Let’s Play’ student leadership program, Athletics Unit, Friday Sports Program (seniors), X-Country events, whole school sports mornings eg. ‘Footy Day’, and Special School’s Swimming, X-Country and Athletics Carnivals (ages 12 upwards). There is an abundance of Physical Education equipment that enables us to provide a challenging, stimulating and varying program for all students.

Visual Art

Students are provided with rich sensory experiences that give them opportunities to explore sights, sounds, smells, tastes, textures and to enjoy and appreciate Visual Art. Students are provided with a variety of learning experiences that encourage them to explore different ways of using Visual Art elements, principles and /or conventions, skills, techniques and processes, media, materials and technologies. Students work is displayed in the community and at the annual Art Show.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts is one of the specialist subjects undertaken at Marnebek. Students are granted the opportunity to express themselves creatively via the mediums of drama, dance, music, games and song.

Lessons are planned around the units of inquiry being focussed on across the whole school. This provides the students with the opportunity to further explore their units in a physically, artistic manner.

Outside of structured classroom lessons, there are numerous other opportunities for Marnebek students to participate in the performing arts.

These include:

  • The whole school concert. This is held annually and each class performs an item. The concert normally takes place late in Term Three.
  • Participation in the Southern Special Schools’ Music Festival. The festival showcases the dance talents of numerous special schools in our region and alternates each year between junior and senior students. Selected classes are chosen each year to perform.
  • Guitar lessons
  • Rock Band
  • Drama workshops
  • Performances for peers and younger students
  • Performing Arts based lunchtime activities
  • Excursions and incursions


Marnebek School Cranbourne  main campus is fortunate to have a fantastic garden area established by passionate staff throughout the years. It is fully equipped with raised garden beds, fruit trees, composting area and a large secure shed. Students from all age groups are able to participate in a variety of hands on learning programs that build lifelong passion and skills in horticulture.
Students through this program learn the elements of safety involved in working around the garden. Some areas are identifying and properly using tools, selecting safety clothing and being sun smart, recognizing friendly and unfriendly garden creatures and treating them appropriately, and proper handling of different types of plants. These skills are practised on a daily basis, teaching valuable skills that can be used beyond the school.
Students learn first-hand the entire life cycle of plants and learn as seeds planted in the classroom spout into seedlings, then are transferred into the school garden beds where they can thrive and be harvested for use in homecrafts program. On rainy days students build their knowledge in the classroom planting seeds in small trays, and work outdoors in the garden area digging, sifting, watering, pruning and weeding when the weather is fine.
It is fun getting out in our garden and working with partners and small teams to complete the task. We do our best not to get dirty or wet, but it is all worth it when we see our vegetables ready for harvest.

Food Technologies