Science at Marnebek

At Marnebek School, we provide students with a diverse range of ways to deliver the Science Curriculum. At the Main and Senior campuses we offer a Horticulture Specialist Program and a Sensory program which classes attend weekly. The classroom teacher also delivers a Science program which is integrated through our Inquiry topics and cross curriculum subjects.

Marnebek’s Horticulture program caters to all ages and abilities. Our indoor and outdoor hands-on activities allow students to become more understanding and knowledgeable towards nature. The Sensory program has grown quite substantially and we have developed a Sensory Garden. These spaces encourage our students to explore the environment by using all of their senses ‘sound, touch, taste, see, movement and hear’. Throughout both programs students are encouraged to use their senses when exploring the world around them, while focusing on safety.

While Science is a subject all students are encouraged to participate in, there is an expectation that this is reported on. Teachers provide our students with opportunities to learn about how scientific concepts help them develop and learn about the world around them through a multi-disciplinary approach.